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Written by Blackberry Creek Co-Founder Danielle Hanosh, and illustrated by board member Diana Pope Hofer, The Other Side is a magical book about grief, hope, healing, and what lies beyond the Rainbow Bridge.


The Other Side was inspired by the powerful, complex, extraordinary role that animals play in the lives of humans, and the deep love that remains with all of us... even after they’re gone.This magical tale and its whimsical illustrations were designed to captivate the minds and hearts of both children and adults alike as they imagine ALL of the beautiful things waiting for their animal friends as they cross the Rainbow Bridge and step off on “The Other Side.”The Other Side will also be a powerful tool in the hands of grief therapists, parents, counselors, friends, teachers, and veterinary offices when they are tasked with helping people grieve this very specific, and nearly universal experience.

The Other Side

SKU: 1734034203
  • Danielle Hanosh

  • Diana Pope Hofer

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