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Cromwell the pig


Blackberry Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary was founded in November of 2014 by two middle school teachers who wanted to pair their love of animals and their concern for students to create a more compassionate world. By partnering children and adults who have suffered loss, trauma, neglect, or loneliness with animals who have experienced the same, magic is sparked. Friendships born between humans and animals encourage people to think of them as individuals with feelings and personalities, and the empathy born from these relationships creates kindness and goodwill toward all creatures and all people, something this world could use a great deal more of.


The mission of Blackberry Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary is to provide a refuge for animals to live out their lives enjoying kindness, compassion, and permanent sanctuary, and to provide opportunities for education to the general public.

The sanctuary shall:

  • Advocate love and compassion for creatures and the responsibilities human beings have to demonstrate that love through protection and advocacy for our voiceless companions.

  • Provide education promoting the humane care of animals, encourage ecological and moral responsibility and the part each individual can play in making compassionate dietary and lifestyle decisions.

  • Establish a place for children and adults including at-risk youth, veterans, foster children and teens, the elderly, and those with special needs to learn about and connect with animals in a loving and respectful way.

  • Meet the needs of rescued animals and provide them with appropriate shelter, nutrition, medical care, companionship, and unconditional love.

Grover the pig


At Blackberry Creek we believe in equality for all and oppose discrimination in any form, and that includes speciesism. We believe each individual is unique and worthy of love, kindness, and respect. We welcome people from every race, ethnicity, gender orientation, sexuality, religion, and background and believe that collectively, our shared experiences can create empathy and compassionate action on a large scale. We support fair wages for our employees, gratitude for our volunteers, and optimum respect and care for our animal residents.


Blackberry Creek is a state and federally recognized non-profit organization that was founded in November of 2014. Our Tax ID number is 47-2296714 

501c3 Document

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