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How to raise money for the animals.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Blackberry Creek by creating your own fundraiser! Our animals are our #1 priority followed by humane education and advocacy on behalf of animals still in need of help. When you raise funds for the sanctuary they go directly to animal care, feed, bedding, medication and veterinary services, and our ability to provide educational opportunities and outreach to people in person at the sanctuary and virtually all over the world.


Before you read the best ways to raise funds for Blackberry Creek below, we want to request that any fundraising activities you consider are consistent with our values of kindness and respect for all animals. This includes avoiding activities that cause harm or distress to animals, activities that involve products tested on animals, or any activities that exploit animals or include their bodies and/or their byproducts for profit whether that include choices on a menu or items in a silent auction (leather, meat, honey, milk, eggs, gelatin, etc.). We understand that every person is on his or her own journey of learning, but we cannot support or promote harming animals in our name for any reason. If you have any questions or ideas, please contact us here. Thank you again for your desire to support our work.

Host Your Own Event

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Start a Team Fundraiser at Work

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Start a School Fundraiser

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