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Vegan Cupcakes


Choose Kindness When You Eat

The easiest way for people to help farm animals is simply to stop supporting the industries that exploit them. Not purchasing products made from animals is obviously the best choice. Choosing a plant based (vegan) diet is easy and more delicious than you may think. Indeed, it requires some sacrifice, but giving up something you enjoy to offer kindness, compassion, and literally life to another living being is far more rewarding. Click on the links below for tasty vegan recipes. 

What is veganism?

Veganism is the belief that animals' bodies and secretions are their own and are not the property of humans. As such, vegans believe that people can live happy and healthy lives without harming other creatures for their own personal gain. When people give up animal products they stop eating things like meat, eggs, dairy, and honey, and stop wearing animal products like fur, leather, and wool. By buying items that do not contain animal products, people are taking a stand against the physical, mental, and emotional cruelty inherent in the animal agriculture industry. 

How does veganism lead to a better world?

​Veganism helps the world in three important ways. It improves the health of humans, improves the lives of animals, and leaves a much smaller environmental footprint per person, dramatically improving many  aspects of the environment from water usage to air pollution. When crops are fed to people directly instead of being consumed by farmed animals, there is more food and water for people which leads to less hunger and less suffering worldwide.

Is it healthy?

If you choose foods that are not highly processed (yes, even Oreos are vegan!) veganism is the healthiest diet one can adopt. People who adopt a vegan diet for life have a lower risk of developing cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's and stroke. Contrary to popular belief, protein, vitamins, and omega 3's are plentiful in plants and because meat, milk and dairy are expensive parts of a grocery budget, switching to a plant-based diet can also save a family money!

​This is hard; how do I transition?

Studies show that people who adopt a plant-based diet gradually are much more successful at sticking with it than those who go cold turkey (no pun intended...). Also, becoming informed of animal and environmental issues related to animal agriculture and adopting a vegan diet for ethical reasons has a higher success rate than simply doing it for health reasons alone. A great place to start is cutting down on your consumption of meat. Try "Meatless Monday" or eat meat only a few days a week. Once you've completely cut meat out of your diet, replace eggs and dairy with animal friendly alternatives. Applesauce is a fantastic egg replacer in baking, chia seeds provide protein and Omega 3's when added to salads, oatmeal,  or smoothies, and there are many delicious and healthy options in lieu of dairy (try cashew, soy, almond, flax, or coconut milk, ice cream, yogurt, and cheese). Check out the resources below to discover how you can eat to make a difference in your health, the environment, and the lives of farm animals.

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